About Us


Template Studio Architects is an Architecture firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. Founded in the year 2011 by the Principal Architect, Kunle M. Adegbite who had gathered a wealth of experience from working in various Architecture firms and construction companies.

We are a firm committed to excellent architectural design and building construction services/ site management. We have designed a couple of building projects ranging from residential, commercial and religious buildings. We use thorough briefing and research methods and putting to mind a worldclass standard from the onset of each project.
The supreme satisfaction of our Clients is of core value to us, which has been upheld since the inception of this firm.


We believe sound Architecture can only survive the test of time and technological pace with the introduction of quality innovation.

We recognize and respect the two basic components of Architecture as Art and Science, thereby we conform our creative thinking to accommodate the science of building formation and its ‘reaction’ to the environment and the art of buildings aesthetical value. This innovative process helps us to create a psychological balance between the building form and the inhabitant’s working environment.

We are always taking into consideration, the peculiar Client requirements that will bring satisfaction at its peak. Hence our innovative processes are channeled through not only the type of building project but also the Client’s personality, values and circumstances.


To raise the standard and quality of building designs and construction beyond the norm; moving with the pace of time and technology to produce the best possible.


To create the best possible living or working environment for the dwellers of every building project executed by the firm.


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